Obstetric & Gynecologic Services

BioCare Diagnostics offers the following OB/GYN ultrasound services:

- Gynecologic/Pelvic Ultrasound
A noninvasive diagnostic exam that produces images to evaluate the organs and structures within the female pelvis.
- Obstetric Ultrasound (Level II and III)
An imaging test used to monitor a baby’s development during pregnancy.
- Biophysical Profile
A prenatal test in which ultrasound is used to evaluate and score a baby’s heart rate, breathing, movements, muscle tone and amniotic fluid level.
- Nuchal Translucency (NT)
A test to measure the thickness of a baby's nuchal fold, an area of tissue at the back of a fetus’s neck, to assess the risk of Down syndrome and other genetic abnormalities.
- Hysterosonogram
A minimally invasive ultrasound technique that provides images of the inside of a woman’s uterus and can provide information about uterine abnormalities that may not be seen on a routine transvaginal ultrasound.
As well as other services:
- Maternal-Fetal Medicine Consultation (high risk pregnancies)
- Genetic and Perinatal Counseling